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The normal maximum length of time a postdoctoral scholar is expected to be at the University of Haifa is two years if the applicant received a fellowship from the Israel Council for Higher Education (VATAT), and up to five years according to University regulations. Prior approval is needed before a scholar may extend his/her studies beyond the four-year authorized UH training period. This request must come from the faculty sponsor and include the reason for the continued training and estimated length of stay.

Each subsequent year of reappointment requires:
  • Filling the relevant application
  • Submission of a scientific report detailing the research progress of the year that ended and a continuation report (up to 2 pages).
  • A research plan for the second year (1-2 pages)
  • an updated CV of the applicant
  • supervisor's recommendation letter for an additional year with details of the scholarship conditions

If the extention includes a scholarship payment, the mentor should send the needed information ( Budget number and the period of the payment) to M.s Suzan Aminpour.