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Policy and Procedures

Terms of Appointment

Appointments are generally restricted to those who have earned their PhD within the last five years. Postdoctoral appointments may not exceed a total of five years for all combined years of institutional training.

Postdoctoral fellows are appointed at the UH for fixed terms, by issuance of re-appointment letters (preferably of one year's duration each) that may total up to four years. Faculty sponsors may request an extension beyond the five-year total for up to one additional year.

At the end of the term and subject to the limits set forth in this policy, the appointment may be eligible for renewal, based on satisfactory performance, the existence of funding, programmatic need and continuing visa eligibility (for International Scholars).


Application Process

Individuals interested in applying for postdoctoral studies should make their inquiries directly to the academic department or school in which the person is seeking an appointment. Faculty members are expected to respond to all questions regarding possible postdoctoral status, to determine whether the area of interest is appropriate for study and whether there is sufficient office/laboratory space and other resources needed to support the scholar.

Departments wishing to appoint a postdoctoral scholar should forward all appointment papers to Office of the Rector to:

Suzan Aminpour

Project Director

Office of the Rector




Fellowship Support

A postdoctoral fellowship is a competitive award of financial support to an individual postdoctoral scholar, providing a stipend. Although postdoctoral fellowships may be awarded on the basis of a proposed research program, they are not awarded to accomplish a specific statement of work, and they do not lead to an employer-employee relationship. Postdoctoral fellowships are awarded on a merit basis to assist a scholar in his or her professional training and development.


Leave Policy

All vacation leave must be scheduled in advance with the faculty supervisor.  Requests for additional time must be negotiated with the faculty supervisor and it is recommended that those requests and responses be documented in writing.


Sick Leave

Postdoctoral fellowsmay continue to receive fellowship stipends or salaries during their absence due to illness throughout their time of appointment.


Travel and Other Reimbursements for Scholars

The postdoctoral fellow may receive refunds of travel for attending conferences or any other expense related to his/her research. The refund is given only if funds are made available by the supervisor or hosting department. These refunds cannot be funded as part of the fellowship.


Taxation Compliance

Income Tax Clause (29)9 stipulates that a fellowship awarded to a postdoctoral fellow for fees or maintenance while attending an academic or research institution is tax free, so long as the postdoctoral fellow gives nothing in return for it. A scholarship in this case includes a grant, a prize or exemption from payment.

A fellowship that does not meet the conditions of Income Tax Clause (29)9, such as one given not during the study period as above defined, or for which the postdoctoral fellow provides a return, is not tax exempt and the tax will be paid by deducting at source (from the scholarship) on  or by any other method. 

Medical Insurance

When receiving a post-doctoral position at the UH, medical insurance is mandatory.

You may contact the "Yedidim" Insurance Co. Please see: Contact Us

Please send a copy of your Medical Insurance to M.s Suzan Aminpour